Pilot roles

We specialize in the search, selection, and recruitment of pilots looking for their next career step with aviation and airline businesses around the world. We can help you to find your next job as a pilot at a variety of levels across flight operations or instruction. Whether you want to fly passenger, freight, jets, or helicopters — we’ve got you covered.

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Aerviva — Pilot careers

We recruit skilled pilots for diverse career opportunities across cargo/freight, passenger, and VIP services in both flight operations and training. Our recruitment encompasses a variety of aircraft types, including, but not limited to, the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families.

We recruit for pilot opportunities worldwide including:

  • Captain
  • First Officer
  • Line Training Captain
  • Type Rating Instructor
  • Type Rating Examiner
  • Chief Pilot
  • Synthetic Flight Instructor /
    Synthetic Flight Examiner
  • Ground Instructor
  • Technical Pilot
  • CRM instructor
  • Flight Safety Officer
  • Fleet Captain

World-Class Pilot Training

Becoming a Pilot

A career as a pilot is genuinely meaningful, offering a unique skill set and carrying great responsibility. If you are looking to embark on an exhilarating journey to the skies, we offer comprehensive pilot training programs through a networked partnership that offers a range of qualifications. If you require a specific qualification or would like to enquire about availability, please get in touch with us directly.

We currently offer key qualifications including, but are not limited to:

  • Private Pilot
License (PPL)
  • Commercial
Pilot License (CPL)
  • Airline Transport
Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Multi-Crew Pilot
License (MPL)

Type Rating Transitions

Whether you are a qualified pilot looking for specific aircraft type training or need refresher training for a type rating license renewal, we can help. Our network partner can provide access to highly skilled instructors and brand-new flight simulation technology that will help you achieve ratings on a range of aircraft from manufacturers including, but not limited to:

  • Airbus
  • ATR
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer

Please get in touch with the Aerviva team directly to discuss
your requirements and training course availability.

Aerviva — the choice of aviation professionals

With over 10 years’ experience delivering aviation personnel staffing and recruitment solutions, we have the courage and understanding to do things differently to the competition. There are numerous aviation staffing companies out there, but suiting talent for careers in aviation requires more than just a knowledge of the industry in such a complex marketplace.

Our human-centric approach to aviation and aerospace personnel resourcing is that personnel are people. As such, we understand that there are key steps for us to ensure candidates trust us and feel in control of the process, as if they had been applying for a position directly. We’re here to support you and to make the process as smooth as possible when searching for jobs in aviation.


We have the same respect for our candidates as we do for our staff and clients ― we want to work quickly and collaboratively with all parties so that we can get to a positive outcome for everyone.


We’ll give you honest feedback from both our own perspective and that of our client partners. This is key to ensure you have the right information to make important decisions or to make improvements for when you’re going through the next application process.


We’re built on the principle of always being in touch with our network. We need to be fully aware of the present and future landscape so that our candidates are first to hear about key opportunities with clients and potential clients. Your success means our success too!

Pilot Testimonials

A320 First Officer

“I would like to thank the whole team at Aerviva for this journey together, and for their cooperation and assistance they offered me anytime we got stuck somewhere. Thank you.”

A320 First Officer

“These past 3 years of working together have provided an amazing experience for life, work, and growth. Thank you very much for the opportunity and trust you gave me. You made my dreams come true I hope our paths will cross again.”

A320 First Officer

“After 4 years working together, I really want to thank Aerviva for the amazing support you have given me. It has been a pleasure to share these years and thank you for always supporting me and being ready to help. I hope we can continue to work together in the future.”


What kind of pilot jobs do Aerviva recruit for?

Our pilot jobs network caters to commercial airline pilot jobs, including airline captain jobs, pilot first officer jobs, regional airline jobs, air cargo pilot jobs, and beyond.

We work with multiple partners in the airline, charter, private, and training sectors across various jet aircraft and helicopter services. We recruit for entry level pilot jobs and experienced pilot positions, so it all depends on what the requirements are from month to month. Our recommendation is to register with us, and we can contact you with suitable roles and take it from there.

Is there a shortage of pilots right now?

As the industry started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the early part of 2022, demand for staff across the aviation industry increased significantly with pilot employment at the forefront. As an example, Boeing reported European airlines must hire 6,000 trained pilots a year for the next two decades. In fact, 122,000 new aircraft pilot jobs will need to be created between now and 2041 as demand for overseas travel rebounds strongly. If you’re thinking about becoming a pilot, are graduating from flight school, or are looking for your next career move in your flying career — the future’s bright and demand is simply increasing for pilots’ jobs worldwide!

How can I secure the best contract offer?

Some pilots right now are finding themselves in the attractive position where they have 3 or 4 offers to consider as they look for the next step in their career. Ensuring you have your priorities in order, careful consideration of the pros and cons, and having a pilot staffing agency to do the groundwork on the company and offer are key to making the right choice. Read more in our news piece on how to get the best from airline pilot careers here.

What are the benefits of working on a lease basis?

Working on a contract basis for pilot recruitment agencies can give pilots several benefits, as well as freedom and flexibility to explore different opportunities and lifestyle choices. Airline pilot recruitment on a lease basis doesn’t have to be complicated and the industry is constantly looking for contract pilots for hire. We have outlined the key considerations in a short article on the subject here.

What shall I do if I have applied for a pilot job on the Aerviva website but haven’t heard back yet?

If you have applied for new pilot jobs on our website but haven’t had a reply from us in a 2-week window since, then it’s likely we have candidates who are more qualified for the position on this occasion. If you feel you’re a really strong candidate, then please drop us a line to follow up and we can work through it together. We keep all registered applicants in mind for upcoming roles and we’ll be in touch if the latest pilot jobs we feel are suited to your experience and qualifications moving forward.