Engineering & Aviation Professionals

We have expertise in the search, selection, and recruitment of talent in the Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) and other technical service trades across the global aviation and airline industries. We can also assist aviation professionals with finding suitable flight operations, administration, and business development roles.

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Aerviva — Engineering and Aviation Professional careers

Our team recruits for a variety of aviation organizations that are responsible for technical operations, line and base maintenance, airworthiness, engineering management, licensed engineering, maintenance planning, quality assurance, and production.

Some of the most common aircraft maintenance jobs we recruit for in this sector include:

  • B1/B2 Technician
  • B1/B2 Mechanic
  • Engineer
  • Aircraft design engineer
  • Interior engineer

Aerviva — the choice of aviation professionals

With over 10 years’ experience delivering aviation personnel staffing and recruitment solutions, we have the courage and understanding to do things differently to the competition.

Our human-centric approach to aviation and aerospace personnel resourcing is that personnel are people. As such, we understand that there are key steps for us to ensure candidates trust us and feel in control of the process, as if they had been applying for a position directly. We’re here to support you and to make the process as smooth as possible.


We have the same respect for our candidates as we do for our staff and clients ― we want to work quickly and collaboratively with all parties so that we can get to a positive outcome for everyone.


We’ll give you honest feedback from both our own perspective and that of our client partners. This is key to ensure you have the right information to make important decisions or to make improvements for when you’re going through the next application process within the aviation industry.


We’re built on the principle of always being in touch with our network. We need to be fully aware of the present and future landscape so that our candidates are first to hear about key opportunities with clients and potential clients. Your success means our success too!


B2 Technician

MRO Organization

“Aerviva helped me to secure my first flight engineer job at a global MRO provider and I’ve kept on growing here. Their relationship with the team helped to move things along quickly and I haven’t looked back since!”

B1 Technician


“My representative at Aerviva had a brilliant contact within a large ACMI airline where they needed to fill a number of aviation maintenance jobs. I’m now working with Airbus aircraft daily, and I couldn’t be happier in my role.”

Interior Engineer

MRO Organization

“Since taking my new role I’ve been involved with some pretty exciting aircraft maintenance engineering projects. Aerviva has helped place me into a role that has given me so much variety and opportunity and it’s been a revelation really!”


What kind of technical & aviation professional roles do Aerviva recruit for?

We work with multiple partners in the airline, charter, private, VIP, and MRO sectors. At one end of the scale, we recruit for apprenticeships and entry level aircraft engineering jobs. At the other end, we also work with aviation professionals and aircraft technicians who have many years of experience and industry recognized qualifications. Our recommendation is to register with us, and we can contact you with any suitable opportunities we feel match your job search requirements.

How can I secure the best contract offer?

Due to the resurgence of the industry post COVID-19, some aviation professionals are currently finding themselves in the attractive position where they have a number of offers to consider as they look for the next step in their career. Ensuring you have your priorities in order, careful consideration of the pros and cons, and having a consultancy to do the groundwork on the company in hand are key to making the right choice. Read more in our news piece on the subject here.

What are the benefits of working on a lease basis?

Working on a contract basis can give aviation maintenance engineering professionals several benefits, as well as freedom and flexibility to explore different opportunities and lifestyle choices. We’ve outlined the key considerations in a short article on the subject here.

What shall I do if I have applied for a job on the Aerviva website but haven’t heard back yet?

If you have applied for aviation engineering jobs on our website but haven’t had a reply from us in a 2-week window since, then it’s likely we have candidates who are more qualified for the position on this occasion. If you feel you’re a really strong candidate, then please drop us a line to follow up and we can work through it together. We keep all registered applicants in mind for upcoming roles and we’ll be in touch if we have something we feel is suited to your experience and qualifications moving forward.

Do you also recruit for aerospace engineer jobs?

Yes! As well as aircraft maintenance engineer jobs (B1 or B2), we also work with Aerospace companies to fill engineer maintenance jobs within the extended aircraft maintenance sector of Aerospace.